Our Services

  We offer end to end services to students registering with us. Career Consultancy guides student's right from the admission process till the student lands at the chosen destination. We have been instrumental in helping many students realize their dream of studying abroad

In our noble efforts for providing affordable & quality education for one and all, Career Consultancy is also offering consultancy services for students wishing to pursue higher education overseas in varied fields. Career Consultancy is also proud of its reputation of being the largest Education Consultancy Services operating in India. We are associated with leading Universities and Institutes across the world.

Enterprise Solutions and Services

Most Enterprise Implementation Projects face the risk of a poor implementation due to lack of understanding project scope, risks, subject-matter and domain knowledge. Ultimately this resonates in the client workplace when project objectives are not met. Zurple comes in with the required skill sets commencing from devising ERP strategies, business blueprinting, ERP architecture through to implementation and customization till the go-live, maintenance and support phase. Our service focuses on providing subject-matter experts, functional consultants, technical consultants, developers, data modelers, database architects, BI/Data-warehousing consultants for facilitating enterprise implementation projects.

Internet and Web Services

  Migrating /decoupling legacy applications to multi-tiered web-based solutions, creating internal and external enterprise front-end enterprise portals, enhancing enterprise content management, integrating smart phones and other mobile devices into enterprise web solutions, and optimizing solutions are typical scenarios where our large team of web engineers can make a difference across hardware, operating systems, web-servers and application servers across technologies (.Net, Java, C++, Oracle)

Testing Services

  Quality control is a critical element in optimizing software development life cycle that requires extensive and intensive functional and technical testing of units, modules and application systems. Zurple provides testing engineers with the right skills in both functional and technical testing using modern tools and techniques.

Engineering & Industrial Services

  Optimizing product development through innovating design tools, techniques and methodology with talented skills are the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Zurple provides skill sets to meet the challenging requirements and to enhance engineering product development. Zurple's expertise focuses on providing skills right from basic design to detailed design, covering cross-functional as process, mechanical (static & rotary), piping, electrical and instrumentation engineering. These skills are provided for upstream/downstream oil and gas, backend and front-end process plants, extending to procurement, construction, erection, and commissioning.

Industry Solutions

Oil and Gas Industry Solutions - Capital Projects

  Capital projects form the biggest challenge of the oil and gas industry as they are inundated with high capital values, high risks and require fast-track implementation to estimated cost, time and quality standards. Capital Projects require focused use of appropriate tools and techniques that have to be deployed to manage the project implementation process. These tools vary from using packaged software to integrating them with legacy ERP applications. Further, projects involve using multiple-contracts, long-lead procurement and having a tight control over project budgets. Cost Estimation also plays a vital role and is a continuous exercise from inception to completion. Capital project management processes get even complex when organizations face multiple project scenarios with complex contracting models. Zurple Technologies offers a comprehensive industry solution to manage capital projects from the initiation stage to the ultimate hand-over stage and integration to onward asset management and maintenance/inspection.

Infrastructure Industry Solutions

  Infrastructure Development is the core of most developing economies. Infrastructure contractors continuously strive to improve their performance in implementing large scale projects using various implementation models as PPP, BOOT, BOT etc. Besides the technical complexities involved in such projects, cost control is the key driver coupled with delivering projects on time and quality. Infrastructure Companies continuously improve their processes to enable them win governmental and other tenders competitively by using state-of-the-art IT Solutions that form best fit to each project scenarios. Zurple Technologies is fully aware of these complexities and offer solutions that will enable them derive direct project benefits that are related to time, cost and quality.

Manufacturing Industry - Product Life Cycle Management

  Manufacturing Industry - Product Life Cycle Management Manufacturing industries have to continuously take business action related to changing customer demands, the competitive market place and have to constantly reduce their time-to-develop, produce and market, and constantly strive to enhance their entire product development life cycles. Zurple is fully aware of the comprehensive tools that are engaged in the process of product development that relate to:

Retail Industry Solutions

  With the advent of internet and e-commerce the retail world has changed involving highly complex and competitive environments. As products are now reaching the global corners, customers demand a great variety and supply chain gets challenging. Further customer retention and new customer acquisition become key drivers for every retailer. Sustaining their overall growth in the new markets and creating an enhanced customer satisfaction become a priority. Zurple fully comprehends this challenge and provide solutions to the retail businesses focusing on their core and support process through effective and efficient integration.